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AH/U Designed Upcoming Fashion Brand Session

AH/U Designed is my very own fashion line. I have been in love with fabrics my whole life and here we are. Take a look at this dress that was part of the runway in the  Jacksonville Magazine 2018 Fashion Project. 

Meet The Vixen Dress 

She is bold, sexy, graceful, alluring and so much more. She is mystery and reveal at the same time. Captivation. 

Downtown Jacksonville

I adore working with this talented beauty. She brings  so much diversity and fun to every shoot we have done. Enjoy her sessions.

Abigail Fondaw

Creative Session

This is one of my favorite portrait sessions I have done. I absolutely adore my time with this human. Her energy is so elegant and graceful yet powerful. It's beautiful and flawless. Please enjoy this stunning creature. 

Concept by Adela Hittell (AH)

Makeup By Adela Hittell (AH)

Abigail Fondaw

Downtown Jacksonville Landing with designer Joseph Lago

I have worked with Joseph Lago for a long time now and love photographing his clothing. Abigail did nothing short of amazing on showcasing his style and allowing me to create. Fantastic team work on this session!

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