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The Garden Bloom

Here is another example of this beautiful human. I had a blast working on this session with her. 

Creative Director/HMUA-AH

Lighting Assistant - Josh Brown 

I have had the honor of spending quality time with this human and her amazing families. To know her is to know light. She is beautiful in all ways you can think of. I am so happy to have been able to create all I have created with Michelle.

I had the pleasure of photographing both Michelle and Steve at my staged bridal session and they knocked it out of the park. Beautiful.

Model: Steve Jordan 

Michelle Bajalia Spaulding

I loved this session. This is the beauty of love. Husband and wife. Nat Spaulding Jr.

Michelle Bajalia Spaulding

I loved loved loved this session. Creative and conceptual photography is what I thrive on. When I can make my own spin on another artists work, it becomes such a beautiful blend of natural results of beauty. 

Makeup: AH

Assistant on set: Josh Brown

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